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I've been a lot of places throughout my life — from the East to the West Coast — but ultimately found my way to Austin, TX, where I met my wife, and now call home. My passion for fitness was ignited at the age of 12 when I came to the logical conclusion that life would just be better with bigger arms and shredded abs. This quickly grew into something much more, to the point where I began studying everything I could about the human body, and prescribing "meal plans" and "training regimens" to the other kids at school. 


This continued for some time, until I was old enough to become a certified personal trainer. After getting my first training job, I went on to study Exercise Science in college, which further advanced my skill set in the field. 


After college I decided to move to LA, where I continued my career as a personal trainer at Equinox Gym. I was excited, I was hungry, but most of all I knew that I was capable of more. Training the rich housewives of beverly hills was a big step from where I was the year prior, but I yearned to work with athletes that had the same mindset and drive as myself.

I wanted to create masterpieces, transformations, aesthetic physiques built from extreme dedication and hard work. 


In 2015 KUSHNIR FITNESS was born.. I had taken the leap, and from this point on - it was sink or swim. I aimed to not only build my business from the ground up, but to also learn as much as I could about bodybuilding and competitions from other experienced coaches. It wasn't long before I was training for my first competition, and Instantly I was OBSESSED. This was everything I ever wanted. The grueling training, the sickening amounts of cardio, the lack of food and surplus of hunger.

I was pushing my mind and body far past a point I had ever thought I was capable of doing. It was never about a destination, or "winning" the show.. it was the journey itself that had me. It was the eternal finish line, the never ending desire to outdo yourself. I had to share this with others, I had to find other likeminded individuals who found fulfillment in PUTTING IN THE WORK.

The "KUSHNIR FITNESS COMPETITION TEAM", or "TEAM KUSH", was no more than just a dream at this point, but I continued to transform the bodies of those who would let me experiment on them (including my wife), all while I continued competing in both local and national competitions.  Slowly but surely I had picked up a few first time competitors; this was my chance to show that I was capable of doing what I wanted so badly. After successfully putting my first athletes on stage, everything seemed to be coming together...FAST! 


The team was growing, my success as a competitor was growing, my hunger to be the best coach;  was growing. 

My clients have always been a major priority, and I take pride in the hard work we all put in consistently as a team. Most importantly, I understand that I must walk the walk, and continue to advance as a competitor myself, which is why I was extremely proud to announce that I had achieved my long-time goal of becoming an IFBB PRO in 2020.

Based in Austin, Tx, with Big Tex Gym as our home, our team continues to grow day by day. From first time competitors, to national level competitors, we are all in this together - and the support from one another is unparalleled.

Within the past year TEAM KUSH has brought home 38 national qualifications, 60 top 5 placings - 22 of which were 1st place, and 2 overall victories. As a coach, I've been awarded “Big Tex Gym Coach Of The Year”, as well as having been awarded by the NPC in 2020 as well.


I see every day as an opportunity to be better than yesterday, and this is just the beginning for TEAM KUSH..

Hey y’all thanks for stopping by!
I’m a born and raised Texan, and a retired Marathoner turned Bodybuilder. My passion for health and fitness started when I was just a child and it grew deeper with age. After completing my time as a competitive marathoner I was ready to look and feel strong!
I picked up weights and never looked back! I set a goal to make my NPC Wellness Competition debut in 2020, and worked relentlessly to earn my spot on that stage! Hard work indeed pays off,

I walked off the stage as a Nationally Qualified Wellness Competitor and am currently training to make my National Debut.


I often compare my Lifting sessions to therapy, because as I Lift the weights in the gym the weight of the world is lifted off of me. If you're looking to transform your health and fitness and overall lifestyle, gain muscle, or lean out? We got you covered!!  A transformative lifestyle is within reach, you just have to take that first step! I promise you this! You will grow in more ways than one! 


You see, we heal ourselves from the inside out. We've created our custom personalized programs to be the purest form of self love, which is the highest regard of your own well-being and happiness. Your body and mind will appreciate it!!!  I will teach you how to elevate your Confidence and Build an Aesthetic Physique!


My programming and Coaching style is done in a way to help you grow muscle, learn to fuel your body properly, and to teach you how to activate your muscles and Lift properly. You will also learn how your body responds to certain foods. This is invaluable information you’ll use for the rest of your life! Stop spinning your wheels, and avoid the guessing game of why your body is or isn't responding to foods. Learn what to avoid and what you should actually be eating for better gut and overall health. You might be reading these words in search of guidance, and in hopes of transforming your life. 


Well done,  you’re here, you made the first move. Now you're just one submission away from speaking with your Coach and setting a goal we will indeed attain together! 


My husband and I would love to speak with you and guide you through this life transforming process.

Oh ya, and if you're ever in the Austin, Texas area I invite you to “Come and Lift it”, with us!!

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