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 We help you step outside your comfort zone, so you can step inside the box, with confidence. We believe an aesthetic physique goes far beyond the muscularity, conditioning, and symmetry of ones figure. True aesthetic, encompasses  the art of movement - posing, along with a level of confidence and poise, that allows one to captivate the audience. We believe that the obstacles our athletes overcome, and the skillsets they acquire through training & competition - enhance their lives in many ways aside from bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding client wins pro card, Austin TX
Classic physique client wins first bodybuilding competition
Bikini Competitor Stage Shot
Figure Competitor Posing
2nd place at National Competition
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Transforming your life and achieving a healthier lifestyle is about more than just the physical changes you see. At Kushnir Fitness, we are dedicated to helping you reach your transformation and lifestyle goals with the same level of precision and dedication that we bring to our bodybuilding programs. We understand that the journey towards a healthier you involves not just the numbers on the scale, but a holistic approach that encompasses nutrition, exercise, and mindset.

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