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About our physique transformations
1 year of progress
IFBB PRO Steven Kushnir
Train Hard, Eat. Clean, Get Results
The clients that makes us who we are



  • Over 12 years of industry experience: With more than a decade in the fitness industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you on your fitness journey.

  • IFBB Pro Men's Physique Competitor: My personal achievements in the world of bodybuilding speak to my dedication and understanding of what it takes to excel in the field.

  • Over 100 national qualifications in the NPC: This extensive track record of success in the National Physique Committee demonstrates a deep understanding of competition preparation.

  • Over 500 client transformations: The results of our clients are a testament to the effectiveness of our approach. We've helped over 500 individuals transform their lives through fitness.

  • B.S. - Exercise Science Towson University: My academic background in Exercise Science ensures that our programs are rooted in science and proven methods.

  • Big Tex Gym Coach of the Year '21: Recognized as the Coach of the Year at Big Tex Gym in 2021, I am committed to delivering excellence in coaching.


Coaching that actually works
We build aesthetics physiques
We build aesthetic physiques


Our Mission is to bring you the coaching experience that exceeds all of your expectations, and equips you with the lifelong tools needed for seamless sustainability of the high performance lifestyle.



Our Philosophy is simple, effective, transparent, and repeatable. Apply it to other areas in your life, and watch the unparalleled power of consistency and intensity - rewire your entire physical, mental, and emotional infrastructure. We are GOAL oriented, and RESULTS driven, 



Our Passion for Bodybuilding and Physique Transformations has driven us to become experts in our field; a field that is known to be oversaturated with false promises and fake ingredients. We take pride in our craft, and leave no stone unturned.



Our Success is only as good as our clients' success. With over 100 National Qualifications in the NPC, and over 500 successful client transformations - we like to let the results speak for themselves!


We Help You Get In Shape!

Are you ready for a complete life transformation, both inside and out? At Kushnir Fitness, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your transformation and lifestyle goals with the same precision and dedication that we bring to our bodybuilding programs. This isn't just about enhancing your physical appearance; it's about creating a better version of yourself.

We'll work closely together to design a personalized plan that integrates nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments to help you reach your goals and sustain them for the long term. Whether your aim is weight loss, increased energy, or an all-around sense of well-being, our Transformation and Lifestyle Coaching will be your compass on this extraordinary journey. We understand that a healthier lifestyle is more than just numbers on a scale; it's a holistic approach encompassing your nutrition, physical activity, and mindset.

The best nutrition and training in the game

We guide your journey from comfort zones to the center stage, instilling confidence every step of the way. True aesthetics transcend mere muscle, conditioning, and symmetry; it's the art of captivating movement and poise. The challenges our athletes conquer and the skills they gain enrich their lives beyond bodybuilding. Whether you're prepping for a show or building during the off-season, there's no true 'Off' Season.

We meticulously customize every program element, leaving no room for uncertainty. Precision is the hallmark in nutrition, workouts, supplementation, and posing. Whether a seasoned pro or a newcomer, our coaching is your compass to sculpt a champion's physique, from your initial lift to confidently owning the center stage


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